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Welcome to Institutional Planning Reporting.

Institutional Planning (IP) is a section within Institutional Planning & Governance (IPG). The section serves as the information hub of the University by maintaining and providing accessible, accurate and relevant information to support the decision-making processes within the institution. The focus areas are Institutional Intelligence, Statutory Reporting, Data quality and Academic Structure.

Institutional Intelligence involves the integration of data from multiple sources throughout the University and from sources outside the University in order to provide up-to-date management information.

Statutory Reporting relates to the preparation and submission of statutory data (HEMIS) in the areas of student, staff and space to the Department of Higher Education and Training.

Data Quality activities promote the accuracy of data through various data quality initiatives that includes monitoring and measurement of data. II is the custodian of University data.

Academic Structure is core to the academic activities in the University. Qualifications, modules and curriculum details are recorded and maintained on ITS.


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